We strongly believe there’s a very bright future for the Australian hemp industry and we’re excited Byron Bay Labs will have role in it. In fact, we’re already part of this industry in other ways.

Both our founders have a stake in a licensed hemp farm and laboratory at a secret location in the Byron Bay area. That venture, which has been operating for several years, isn’t focused on seed production. The Byron Bay-grown hemp is cultivated and processed for research into other innovative uses that will be revealed in time.

For the range of hemp protein powder and other products Byron Bay Labs currently offers, we require a very special type of seed to create them – after all, they are the star attraction.

In Australia, food-grade hemp seed production is still very much a nascent industry and this country’s amazing pioneer growers are working hard on refining their cultivation and processing techniques.

In our efforts to provide the finest products offering the best nutritional profile, we searched high and low in the Byron Shire area, across the state, across Australia and across the world for seed that could be made into the very best protein powder.

We eventually found a very well established Canadian farming enterprise operating since the late 1990’s that is Non-GMO Project verified and Certified Organic under Canada Organic Regime (COR). The farms involved not only grow exquisite hemp seed based on a proprietary strain of hemp, but also expertly transform it into powder using a cold-milling process that helps to retain maximum nutritional benefits.

This attention to quality enables Byron Bay Labs to offer hemp blends with 25%+ more plant based protein and 30%+ more Omega 3-6-9 than other brands we’ve seen available in Australia.

A Call To Australian Hemp Farmers

We look forward to a time when we can utilise Australian hemp seed in the Byron Bay Labs range of protein powders. We strongly encourage local cultivators to contact us if they have a top quality product that will result in protein powders with nutritional value equal or superior to what we currently offer.

Until that time arrives you can be assured the products made from the hemp seed we use is – and will always be – of premium quality; and that our partner is paid a premium for it in recognition of its excellence.