When it comes to vitamin C, Australia’s Kakadu plum is a rock-star among all fruits and contains outstanding levels of other antioxidants.

Kakadu plum is a unique Australian native fruit that also goes by many other names including billygoat plum, green plum and murunga.

Kakadu plum trees, which grow in the Northern Territory and the far north of Western Australia and Queensland, can reach up to 14 metres in height. The fruit the tree produces is yellow-green, about 2 cm long and 1 cm in diameter.

The taste of the fruit is described as tart and its aroma that of stewed apples and pears. Usually eaten raw, Kakadu plum can also be used to make jams and sauces.

At Byron Bay Labs, we found an interesting new use for the fruit – as part of our Immune hemp protein powder blend.

The fruit and tree have played an important role in the diets and lives of First Nations peoples for thousands of years; not only a bush tucker but also medicinally. It’s more recently come to the attention of others – and it’s not hard to understand why.

Why Is Kakadu Plum A Super-Food?

To say the vitamin C content of Kakadu plum is high would be an understatement. It has the highest levels of vitamin C of any fruit – so in this regard it carries the superfood title with confidence.

As a comparison, Kakadu plum boasts 50-100 times the vitamin C levels of oranges (depending on what you read). Vitamin C can comprise up to 5.3% of the Kakadu plum’s weight, which is pretty incredible.

The plum also boasts other antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial attributes. In fact, in 2009 the Rural Industries R&D Corporation (now Agrifutures Australia) noted the fruit’s antioxidant properties as “outstanding” – significantly better than blueberry.

The RIRDC also found Kakadu plum contained 110 μg of folate per 100g dry weight and higher iron and calcium levels than blueberry. It noted the fruit contains other essential minerals including magnesium and zinc.

How We Source Kakadu Plum

The Kakadu plum used by Byron Bay Labs is sourced from groves harvested and maintained by First Nations peoples using traditional land management methods.

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