Nutritious, sustainable and processed without the use of chemicals; yellow pea protein provides a rich source of all essential amino acids.

Peas have been used as a food source by humanity for millennia, and for good reason given their nutritional profile and incredibly long shelf life when dried and properly stored.

The comparatively high protein content is one of their many benefits – and the good news is you don’t need to consume large quantities to access it. This protein goodness can be consumed in a convenient powder form that is created using a chemical-free process.

How Pea Protein Powder is Made

To begin with, the outer shell of the golden or yellow pea (Pisum sativum), which is mainly comprised of insoluble fibres, is removed using a mechanical process.

The shelled peas are then dried and ground. The flour created from the milling process contains soluble fibres, starches and proteins, vitamins and minerals. The protein is separated from the fibre and starch through wet filtration (using water only) and centrifuges. This is then precipitated and dry sprayed, with the final product being pea protein isolate that takes the form of a white power.

Is Yellow Pea Protein A Superfood?

Yellow pea protein powder contains all nine essential amino acids, which support muscle growth and retention. It also contains arginine, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and offers high levels of iron – with the latter particularly important for vegans and vegetarians.

Given its nutritional profile, it’s an ideal vegan-friendly and dairy-free alternative to other forms of protein that is easily digested. Unlike whey or even peas in their original state, there’s no issues with gas or bloating after consuming pea protein powder.

One of the other benefits of yellow pea protein is it’s a natural thickener and may assist with appetite suppression.

With all these attributes, perhaps the “superfood” label is justified.

This form of protein has been increasingly appearing in a wide range of mainstream food products as a nutritious additive that can be sustainably sourced.

Byron Bay Labs’ Yellow Pea Protein Source

We use a premium quality product imported from Belgium that is non-GMO, created by a company established in the 1800’s that has been producing it for decades – and which has a strong commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

When combined with the many benefits of hemp protein powder, the pair really pack a very healthy punch! You’ll find yellow pea protein powder in Byron Bay Labs’ Immune, Vitality and Strength products.