We’re very pleased to finally take the covers off BBL, and we’re doing so with minimal fanfare while we get settled in before we really starting cranking things up. We want to ensure we have enough stock for everyone who wants to purchase and there has been significant interest in our unique products during the “under-the-radar” pre-launch phase!

Byron Bay Labs has been some years in the making and we’ve travelled quite an interesting path to bring us to this point. It’s involved a lot of research and testing to create our special blends, a lot of red tape and many lessons learned.

We’ve been so immersed in hemp over the past few years and it has become so intertwined with our lives that we still forget from time to time not everyone is familiar with the health + wellness benefits and legal status of hemp in Australia.

It’s really interesting to see there is still widespread misunderstanding about this amazing plant and it continues to be confused with its “cousin” very often; with some interesting results.

For example, just in the last couple of weeks leading up to our launch, a facility we were going to use in connection with the company didn’t want anything to do with a business working with hemp. This is even though hemp seed based foods have been fully legal in Australia since November 2017. The fact hemp foods were ever banned in the first place is pretty crazy, but that’s another story for another time.

The lack of understanding about hemp foods is something we want to help address through Byron Bay Labs, and we’re proud to be part of the movement bringing hemp into the mainstream in Australia.

We’re also keen to spread our wings into other countries so folks overseas can discover, enjoy and benefit from the special Australian super-foods we incorporate in our products; including quandong, wattleseed and kakadu plum.

We’re just getting started, with more exciting and highly nutritional products to come – and a few surprises up our sleeves. We look forward to you accompanying us on the next stage of our journey!


Max and Nick