If you’re shopping for hemp protein powder, it pays to carefully compare products and brands before you make a purchase decision. As with just about anything, not all are equal.

Australians have begun to really embrace hemp as a sustainable protein source. It’s hard to believe that prior to November 2017, hemp seed had been banned for human consumption in Australia for decades. The reasons for the ridiculous ban is a (long) story for another time.

As a result of the crop’s new-found (or again found) popularity, many new hemp strains have been developed both here and overseas, each with their own attributes. Even among varieties of hemp grown for seed for food purposes, their nutritional content can vary widely. This isn’t just due to the differences between cultivars, but also how and where they are grown. What happens after harvest also matters as this too will have an impact on the nutritional content.

As we mention on our page about the seed we source for Byron Bay Labs products; we hunted high and low locally and overseas for the best hemp seed that would create the best hemp protein powder. It was a huge effort but well worth it and we’re pretty pleased with the result.

Among the nutritional aspects we looked at very closely were protein and Omega 3-6-9 levels. We’re very proud to say Byron Bay Labs’ blends have the highest levels of protein and essential fatty acids we’ve seen available in Australia. For example, Nourish contains 25%+ more plant based protein and 30%+ more Omega 3-6-9 compared to another popular product sold in Australia.

Beyond Nutritional Content

For the especially environmentally conscious (and because we are big on sustainability), we’ve also paid special attention to packaging. Not only do Byron Bay Labs products look pretty classy, our packaging is made from recycled plastic that can be recycled again after use – and we encourage you to do so if you can’t find another use for the jars.

View our range of protein powder products, some of which have been infused with native Australian superfoods!

  • Immune – Hemp + Pea Protein Powder with Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum
  • Vitality – Hemp + Pea Protein Powder with Wild Harvested Quandong
  • Strength – Hemp + Pea Protein Powder
  • Nourish – Hemp Protein Powder

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